Reagents stored on chip

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A true Lab on a Chip must contain the reagents stored in the reservoirs to facilitate its use and to simplify its design. The challenge resides in the filling process of reagents during LOC manufacturing. This process should be parallel and arrayed to increase productivity. New dispensing equipment can fulfil this need. The shelf-life of this card and its storage temperature depends on how reagents are stored. Freeze dried reagents have been carried out on chip,but this process require very low temperatures and the mixture is not very stable under humidity.

New possibilities are being envisioned to simplify this process by using gelified reagents with less humidity interference. LabOnFoil will use this gel strategy. BIOTOOLS will apply its patented Gelification Technology for the storage of all the reagents needed for the foreseen reactions inside of the chip. The gelification is a revolutionary chemical-physical process that can be applied to a variety of general use in Molecular Biology research, development and diagnosis.

The reaction mixes, containing all necessary reagents including enzymes, primers, etc, are stabilised for long time periods by the addition of gelifying and stabilising agents and dissecation at room temperature, and everything can be integrated inside of the chip.

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