Drug abuse

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There is a major growing societal problem of drugs of abuse driving particularly in Europe, the USA and Australia. Drug driving is in many areas more prevalent than drink driving and it is now believed that drugs of abuse are a contributing factor in up to 25% of fatal road accidents. Governments worldwide are aware of this problem and are introducing legislation for road side testing for impairment under the influence of drugs. The routine test for the detection of drugs is to measure the level of metabolite in urine. This test is not practicable for the road side testing of a potential drug driver to detect what drugs he/she may have taken in the last few hours.

There is now a major global societal need for low cost drugs-of-abuse tests (DAT) that can be conducted at the roadside by people who are not medically trained. There is no current sensor product which meets the criteria set by the European police forces to test suspects at the roadside for drugs of abuse. The total addressable market (TAM) for DAT at the roadside is currently €160 million/year.

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