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  • 20090513 2nd Workshop of Labonchip

The LABONFOIL project, University of Southampton and CICmicrogune are organizing a workshop where LabOnaChip (LOC) platforms, applications, and market issues will be discussed. Although there have been incredible microfabrication process developments and transducing mechanism characterization, few of these advances have been transferred successfully into portable biological applications. The main reasons are the lack of sample preparation integration, the difficulty to mass-produce the devices reliably, and the weak LOC supply chain. The objective of the meeting is to align the needs of the supply chain elements: researchers, distributors, service providers and manufacturers. This strategy would help provide the society with rapid, ubiquitous and minimally invasive diagnostic devices for health and environment. The meeting will include presentations of invited experts from across Europe and from all key sectors of the supply chain.

For those interested in participating in the workshop, please contact either Hywel Morgan (hm@ecs.soton.ac.uk) or Jesus M. Ruano-Lopez (jmruano@ikerlan.es)

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